Something about us

Who we are

During our time at the Faculty of Architecture (TU Delft) we have been very curious about the use of Virtual Reality in the design process. As architects, we believe that a good design is only achieved in harmonious collaboration with it’s clients and what we have found is that the relationship between designer, design and end-client is one that can be further improved.

Why we do
what we do

We aim to improve the design process by rethinking how a design is communicated with end-users. By giving more insight and control to the people that will inhabit a space we can ensure that the space is designed according to the wants and needs of end-users.

We believe that end-users are the experts of their space and with our tools we can give them an integral part in the development proces of a design. With this approach, we aim create better and happier spaces, where end-users feel truly connected to.