TU Delft Student Expositions

VR-chitects is supporting the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft by enabling students to present their projects in multiple virtual expositions. Bridging the physical gap left by the COVID-19 crisis, but also offering completely new ways to share their work.

Completely unique to virtual expositions, viewers can enter the student projects and move through the spaces as if they were real. Any type of media can be accessed with the click of a button and everything can be viewed in a simple web browser anywhere in the world!

The expositions form not only an all-inclusive way of sharing work, but also form a new type of database that can be used and shared by students and teachers indefinitely.

Inspectorate of Education VR

In 2020, the Inspectie van het Onderwijs moved it’s office to a new refurbished place in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project had in the making for several years and after the completing the final design, the employees finally got the opportunity to move into the new office.


While the construction of the office was still ongoing, we happily introduced the employees to their new office building and made them familiar with the new open plan concept within the new building.

Junior building

RSG ‘t Rijks

Together with students VR-chitects is redesign a new ‘Brugklasgebouw’ for a high school located in Bergen op Zoom. Our activities consist of design of the interior of the building, facilitating brainstorms about new ways of working & learning and defining the school’s educational program.


The design is a addition to the plans from the project’s architect and will be presented to the teachers and students during several VR presentations. They will also get the opportunity to collaboratively explore different options through our interactive VR models.

Schools of the Future

With the power of Virtual Reality VR-chitects is helping schools think about the future of education. We invite teachers and students to think about what makes a succesfull education environment and together we translate their ideas and brainstorms into a design database made in VR.


With our Schools of the Future projects, we aim to give students and teachers access to the ability to think like an architect would and thereby put them in direct control of their school’s future.

Tiny Houses TheNewMakers

In collaboration with TheNewMakers, a design and construction company specialised in modular and circular building systems, we made several VR experiences showcasing their Tiny House products.


With these interactive experiences we offered interested parties a opportunity to explore the spaces within these Tiny Houses and also showed them the different options that were available for their own version of the Tiny House.