Virtual Reality is technique that might sound technical in nature, but will in fact offer a rich experience that is simular to the way we normally experience the world around us. During our presentations you and your organisation will get the opportunity to walk around a new school, a new office building, or through whatever new world you and your team are creating.


Our Virtual Reality experiences can be made completely interactive in many different ways. Wether you want to be able to play around with colors, textures, move furniture, use elevators and doors, switch lights on and off or switch between day and night, anything is possible!


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Our Virtual Tour technology allows the viewer to look around in photorealistic environments – in their browser, on any device. The great accessibility of this technique offers a huge potential audience – anyone in the world with a smart device or computer can view these tours. The tours are based on prerendered panoramas and can include any type of digital media: embedded video, audio, weblinks, downloads and images.


All these properties make Virtual Tours the perfect candidate to shape your online museum, exposition, fair, webshop or portfolio!


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Virtual Reality opens up a new way of looking towards the design process and at VR-chitects we are happily exploring this new world of opportunities. We believe that the role of an architect is changing and with the power of Virtual Reality we can shift more of the descicionmaking to the people who actually make use the spaces that we design: the end-users.


During our Virtual Reality presentations we set up an inviting presentation area where everyone is welcome to join and get familiar with a design proposal. This creates a wonderful opportunity for an architect or manager to engage in a conversation with end-users and asses what aspects of a design people are excited about and what things still need looking into.


Whether or not you are interested in using the Virtual Reality presentation for acquiring user feedback, is completely up to you! Our Virtual Reality experiences are always an excellent opportunity to involve and inform the people of an organisation. Our presentations will let the people bond together, discuss and get excited about what your future holds!


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In addition to our Virtual Reality services you can also rent the VR headsets necessary to view your project from us. If have ordered a VR project with us in the same order, you get a better deal! We will help to set up everything on-site, and ensure that you and your customers can make optimal use of the experience.

Valve Index

Experience Virtual Reality like never before with the Valve Index. This next generation headset rocks an impressive resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels and will give you one of the best VR experiences the market has to offer.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is our go to pick for interactive VR environments and collaborative design workshops. The HTC Vive has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and delivers a clear view with it’s 2160 x 1200 pixels display.

Oculus Go

With our wireless Oculus headsets we can bring Virtual Reality to you in bigger groups. The Oculus go is the perfect device for checking out Virtual Tours and 360 experiences.

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